DIY Darjeeling Face Spray

After some experimentation, I created this amazing Darjeeling Green Tea Face Spray. This stuff is magical when used right.

Here are some potential benefits of the spray

-smoothens and moisturizes skin

-reduces blackheads

-prevents wrinkles

-shrinks pores

-refreshes skin



1) Steep 3 tsp of Darjeeling Green Tea in 2 1/2 cups of hot water for 15-20 minutes

2) Allow tea to cool and then strain into spray bottle

3) Add 3 drops of Vitiman E Oil to the tea

4) Keep in fridge and shake bottle before use



1) Wash and dry face (remove any makeup)

2) Spray tea mixture on fae and let sit for 5 minutes

3) Re-spray 3 to 4 times

4) Lightly rinse face

This is somewhat of a long process so it is good to do while doing someting else. For instance, I like to do my hair or nails while doing this process.

I decided to try this process every morning and night for a week. I live in Colorado, a more dry climate, so I wanted to see if this really helps moisturize.

After the first spray session, I noticed that my face felt tighter and really smooth. I can see how this spray shrinks your pores and smoothens wrinkles. I also love that I felt results just after one use. The spray also smells AMAZING!

After a few days of doing this consistently, I did think my pores seemed smaller. My face also felt amazingly smooth!




Darjeeling contains caffeine. Caffeine can shrink bloood vessles, which minimizes puffiness.


Darjeeling contains tannins. Tannins are especially present in black teas and are what cause an astringent tase and dark color. Tannins, according to Jassica from CollegeFashion, “Stimulate healthy blood circulation and tighten and soothe skin.”

Read more about tannins in black tea here:


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